Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm lucky. I don't struggle with this

One thing I know many people struggle with when trying to eat healthy is fruits and vegetables. I've never had to struggle with this. I like most of the "healthy" foods. This is one thing that will make my weight loss strategy work, I think.

I'm not without my struggles though: My nemisis is dairy, Skim milk is a good way to get dairy servings in, the other stuff is either too high in calories or fat, so I tend to avoid it. I don't like milk. I simply can't drink it without wanting to gag. But, I enjoy cheese, and yogurt. Essential oils are another struggle I have. I don't want to waste points on them (I'm using Weight Watchers, which assigns points to everything)

Every day I see a message on Weight Watchers' message boards from someone complaining that they don't like veggies. There are alternatives, of course, Eat fruits, but they typically have points (though, are a far better choice than say, a butterfinger bar) and for those who don't like fruits and veggies? Drink plenty of water rather than reaching for a snack or go ahead and try something new, you might be surprised!

Another struggle I have: Eating out. I love Mexican food, but it's so high in fat that it makes it very much not worthwhile. Of course, I'm going to a taste test today for a Mexican resturaunt, which gives me coupons for free food. What will I do? Enjoy the opportunity to voice my opinion, and savor the fact that I won't be paying for dinner out for a long time.

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